Worry. Anxiety. Stress. Depression.

01 Mar

Hey. Hi. Hello. How are you? 

…Now that I’ve greeted you, let’s get right to it about the subject at hand…

Here’s my blunt perspective:

What’s done is done… Dwelling on pain doesn’t heal it!

Turning past events over and over in our mind won’t allow us to change them. It just locks us in a cycle of whatever negative emotion all that reminiscing causes, which just makes us frustrated. I’ve had to tell myself this multiple times about my deceased sister.

I was silently angry with myself FOR YEARS because I didn’t speak up and tell her or anyone else that I knew she was going to die! I blamed myself for her death… as if I could’ve changed God’s plan.

If He wanted her here with me, this is where she would be! Obviously, she’s not here physically, but I NOW accept God’s choice. It is what it is! (Of course, acceptance doesn't negate pain. The harsh reality is that some things are going to ALWAYS hurt.)

In addition to that, I’ve had countless moments of being frustrated for having spiritual gifts because I’m privy to information ahead of time and STILL can’t do anything to change what is going to occur. Nonetheless, I now accept the gifts that I have and realize there’s good and bad in some of everything. Yet, I make a proactive choice to focus MORE on the good portion and just accept whatever the bad may be.

I know that sounds way too simple for many people and sounds like it can't, doesn't, and won't work. Instead, you want to hear the words of Marvin Gaye, "When I get that feeling... I need sexual healing." But, how long is it going to take you to realize that there's some places and pain that another human just CAN NOT soothe, relieve, or even touch?!

When there’s immense pain, instead of doing what doesn't work or dwelling on it, we have to remove the “band-aid” and get some spiritual healing! It might sound cliche, but I don’t talk the walk. I’ve walked this talk... So, it's very possible!

ACCEPTANCE!!! …It's extremely critical to healing and happiness! I hope and pray this blesses you. Don't be afraid to let me know if it did. xoxo

God bless you.


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