Go higher without by going deeper within.


1UniqueWriter’s desire is to inspire others to aspire to go higher without by going deeper within.

She is Real Estate Agent Latrice Tillman-Walker (www.latricesellsjax.com) and the author of multiple inspirational books. She loves meeting new people, viewing real estate, and helping others to achieve their goals. She has a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree and a Master of Science Degree in Human Services and writes to educate, motivate, and facilitate self-love, healing, and growth. She aspires to inspire to go higher without by going deeper within.

"Keep a smile on your face. Inspiration in your spirit. Love in your heart. Joy in your life. Strength in your soul. Focus in your mind. Wisdom in your decisions. God in all." 1UniqueWriter

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70 Chronicles of Confessions

Have you ever felt alone and fatigued from consistently battling with energy-draining dilemmas? If so, this is for you.

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70 Ways to Hear God

Information is given in this book to advise of many ways you can hear God. It's a compilation of 70 electrifying chronicles that entail encounters with God.

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70 Ways to Hear God: Excerpts & Study Guide

This book is the study guide version of 70 Ways To Hear God. It consists of 35 excerpts and a series of brainstorming questions to provoke your prophetic capabilities.

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Find Your Purpose: 7-Step Challenge

It’s easy to feel like your life is in vain when you’re not living out your purpose. The good news is God created you for and with a purpose. This book gives 7 ways to find out what it is.

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Live and Love Life: Poems of Healing

This book contains a compilation of poems that were written to inspire others to overcome moments of weakness, while also being entertained.

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Sandpaper: For When Life Rubs You The Wrong Way

It's high time to smooth unnecessary roughness! This book discusses four subjects regarding the rough side of life and how to smooth things out.

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Self-Love Journey: The Bounce Back

Perpetual woes arise from toxic relationships, lack of genuine friendships, rejection, abandonment, loneliness, financial battles, single parenthood, and more. This book discusses five steps to elevate beyond the wounds.

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Winning: 30 Days of Motivational Poetry

In Winning, poetic expressions are used to give encouraging, faith-building revelations about how to fortify yourself. This book is designed to help you get on track, move pass obstacles, and break the toxic circle you've been running in.

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