70 Chronicles of Confessions

70 Chronicles of Confessions

Have you ever felt alone and fatigued from consistently battling with energy-draining dilemmas? If so, this is for you.

At some point, many of us feel left out, lonely, forgotten, misunderstood, rejected, unappreciated, mistreated, unnoticed, unloved, unlovable, confused, not good enough, regretful, worthless, purposeless, empty, and numerous other negatives.

Sometimes, the feeling is just a feeling and other times, it’s reality. Regardless, I’m here to inform you that you’re not alone. Countless people have emotions and thoughts they think no one will understand and relate to. Yet, I can. Because I smile so much, some folks find it hard to imagine me experiencing not-so-good emotions. Sometimes, the smile is just a weapon against the fight and other times, I use my pen.

These writings are the songs of my soul. Moreover, they’re basically my diary of emotions and thoughts behind a myriad of experiences in my life: love, rejection, confusion, regret, depression bouts, and more. No matter which fight we’re fighting, we can win. Let’s go to war!

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