12 Aug

You can be you with me - I really don’t want anything else

Come into my area so I can help you get undressed

Let’s start with taking off the thoughts that society told you to think

And remove the crown of toughness while I give you some truth to drink

Remove the lens that you’re a disappointment and not enough good

Now remove the facades about perfection and accept that things are as they should

Spit out any blame and unforgiveness that you keep down within yourself           

Give up your insecurities - We don’t need their help

Pull down the wall that conceals your feelings and most profound thoughts

Push your money to the side because this experience doesn’t cost

Slip off the bandages that hide your scars and imperfections

Remove the guilt for being imperfect - I understand - I have the same confession

You can remove the disappointment of being misunderstood

If everybody was meant to understand you - they would

Be naked with me - only here - where you can be you with me

Now that we’ve removed each other’s chains and frustrations – together we are free

It’s easy for a person to be who they think others want them to be when they don’t know who they are. However, that person will never be happy by trying to be something other than who they truly are.

A woman will never be happy by pretending to be who she thinks a man wants her to be. The same is true for a man trying to be who he thinks a woman wants him to be.

There are lots of people who aren’t being their genuine selves because they’re too worried about what other people think, say, and feel. 

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