Bad Timing

16 Sep

Right emotions, wrong time

Wrong emotions, right time

But as wrong as it seems, it can get right

If right is which way it’s meant to go

So many times we want things to go our way. We want what we want, how we want it, when we want it. And when we don’t get it, we become frustrated and irritated. Or we say it’s the devil. But what if THAT thing that’s blocking THE thing you want was placed there by God?

Would that change your attitude then? Would you feel better about it?

Probably not. It just depends on what you want and how bad you want it.

I remember I told a chick that she needed to wait on God for her husband. She snapped and said she’d already been waiting for years. Unfortunately, she chose to deal with a man who wasn’t good for or to her.

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It’s a lot better to be alone than “wrong”. If a person is bringing bad to your life, you truly don’t need them. You can bring bad all by yourself.

Yet, some women believe that it’s better to have at least a piece of a man than to have none at all. But let’s not judge because other people have this same level of thinking and apply the same concept to other areas of their lives. Instead of waiting (and in some cases… working) towards better, folks choose to settle.

I know it gets hard and after wanting and waiting for so long, you become disappointed with not having “it”. You start feeling like you’ve believed, waited, and worked for it for nothing. Settling or giving up hope becomes easier than expecting and not receiving.

However, God isn’t always blocking to say you can never have “it”. You just might have to get it at a different time or in a different form. (Or are YOU creating the blockages yourself? A subject for another day.)

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I spoke with a friend recently and she talked about how grateful she is to have the man she has now in her life. She’s glad she wasn’t able to keep the man she once thought she really needed and wanted in her life. Had the OLD man not been moved out of the way, she wouldn’t have gotten to the much better NEW one.

When we take actions to force our desires to come to fruition (and it’s not what God wants for us), we end up being miserable. I know it hurts to let things and people go sometimes. However, the pain of keeping them around is worse than the pain of letting go. The problem is that too many people hold on because they’re afraid of what the pain of letting go might feel like.

Well, if you’re already in pain, does it really make that big of a difference? At least you’ll eventually be pain free IF you let go. Holding onto what’s unhealthy, just means holding onto pain. And this is true for more than a romantic relationship. This is true for a bad past, disconcerting memories, toxic affiliations, unsatisfying job, negative mindset, etc. Basically, anything that makes you miserable and brings out the worst in you.

I know it’s not always easy to move forward, heal, and disconnect from such things but you have to try and keep trying until you get it right. We can’t just snap our fingers and expect change suddenly. Change most often takes place THROUGHOUT the duration of a process. Rarely is it instantaneous.

And even when going through significant changes, there’s still a way to capitalize and appreciate that time frame. If you’re willing to grow and be open-minded, it’ll become obvious in hindsight and you’ll realize you needed time to transform and prepare for “it”.

So the next time you’re having a bad time, try to remember that it’s just a bad moment. And if you keep pushing, you’ll push through the bad to the good. Don’t lose hope and give up on your desires. The only thing that’s certain about quitting is that you’ll never get where you’re meant to go. So keep going and eventually you’ll get there.

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