Feel Me

02 Sep

Those who use the carnal eyes cannot see me

I am merely a spirit covered by the clothing of skin

I am not what you think you see

In order to see me, you must feel me

If you feel me, only then can you see who I truly am

Perceiving me with carnal eyes will not allow you to identify me

Therefore you cannot feel me

I know we, as humans, have the tendency to want to be understood. However, the reality is many people will misunderstand you all throughout your lifetime. 

It's not your duty to force people to see things the way you see them. It's not your duty to force people to understand you. It's not your duty to force people to see you: the true you. Whoever you are underneath the clothes, the skin, and every physical thing that people consider as part of your identity.

Your duty is to know who you truly are and to show up in life being just that. There’s a necessity to knowing who you are and who you aren’t.

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