The Other Woman

26 Aug

I apologize for your lost

I’m so sorry but not sorry she went away

If I didn’t lose her, I would’ve lost me

I had to lose her to lose you

Because you were never a gain for me

For me to win, I had to lose

To the ones who miss her

To the ones who lost

Bury and forget the old me

She’s never coming back

Growth is a great thing and we should all always be pursuing it. Nonetheless, there are folks who don't seem to believe in and be okay with it. And that's actually okay.

But if you're on the winning team and you're into growth, you have to distance yourself from those who just aren't into it. Even when they make a fuss about you changing. Don't be tricked and manipulated into staying stuck. And make sure you aren't one of the people who are trying to convince YOU to stay the same. 

I know it hurts to have to depart from folks you're close to but if you stay close to them, you'll also stay stagnant.

So, you have to make a choice regarding what YOU really and truly want. Which direction do you want to move in? Backward? Forward?

No one can decide for you. In fact, I guarantee you know at least a few folks who'll be okay with whatever and however you are, just as long as you're not too much more than they are. 

That's one of the main reasons you can't tell every thing to every body.

Boundaries up! Boundaries are healthy and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with implementing them. 

Click here to join me as I discuss the relevance of establishing boundaries.

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