This Means War

01 Nov

Do you know the scripture that states to forget those things which are behind and press forward? Well, here’s a great reason why you need to take heed, believe, adhere, and abide by that scripture: One day, I chose to dwell too much on “yesterday.” I say “chose” because what we focus on is a matter of choice. Sometimes, it’s easy to stay focused and other times, not so much. (Note: Although it’s not always easy, it’s always possible.) This particular day, it was not easy: It was a day that I needed to fight. I’d been wrestling mentally and emotionally for days.

I awakened with remnants of the previous day. I became exhausted and discouraged from the constant spiritual fight and battle to keep myself uplifted, with no encouragement from others. With nothing to hold onto and stand on, but my faith in God. Yet, I was tired of fighting to keep myself uplifted. Tired of stating the positive affirmations only to have the fulfillment of my requests prolonged. Tired of filling myself with the Word of God. Tired of praying. Tired of the transition I was in. Or am I being too real with you all? Maybe you can’t relate. Whatever the case, this is my truth so I’m going to tell it.

I was just flat out exhausted. I was tired of watching the positive Periscope videos. Yet, “something” told me to tune in any way and well, well, well. The apostle spoke that when we’re going to a new place, we don’t get where God wants us without a fight, and when faith is hurt, you can’t always just charge forward. Change must occur psychologically. As the broadcaster proceeded to give instructions about how to battle your way out, he said, “You have to fight!!...If you want to get to the blessing tomorrow, you have to fight and get past the curse of today!”

One by one, the man of God started naming the things that I was tired of waiting on. The fact that he was naming each element and explaining how to keep myself built up was not a coincidence. What’s more is, I hadn’t said my positive affirmations that morning (many of which are biblical scriptures and promises of God). Although the pastor didn’t personally know me, or the things on my list, he started saying some of MY affirmations! One by one. As if he was intentionally reading my list:

* NO weapon formed against me shall prosper.

* Every tongue that rises up against me in judgment, I will condemn.

* I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

* He was wounded for my transgressions…by His stripes, I am healed.

* I commit my ways to the Lord and He gives me the desires of my heart.

* The blessings of the Lord make me rich and add no sorrow.

* I will be kept in perfect peace with my mind stayed on God.

* So shall my words be that go forth out of my mouth; they will not return to me void but will accomplish the purpose for which I send them.

He proceeded to explain that to achieve victory, I must discipline myself to believe The Word. Ironically enough, earlier in the prior day, I was meditating on Proverbs 19:20-21, “Listen to advice and accept discipline, and at the end you will be counted among the wise. Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”

I kept telling myself that I needed to be disciplined but somehow, later that day, I allowed myself to be mentally derailed. The memory of the pastor’s admonishment earlier about being disciplined was pounding me on the head! Because I received the word to discipline myself and then the moment arose to apply what I’d listened to, it’s as if God sent an answer just before the question. The advice I needed (from the Periscope video) to be disciplined and further meditate on the Word was God’s ever-present help. I fought to hold back tears, as every arrow shot was penetrating my heart with love. All I could do was say: “Thank you Jesus” and then start speaking the heavenly language.

Can I give you another confession? Can you really handle my truth? Well, I’m telling it anyway. As much as God speaks to me, I still struggle and have sporadic moments of feeling like He’s forgotten me. I know darn well He doesn’t but sometimes, there are places that get so dark, I still have to fight like never before, even though I know the truth. I’m just showing you all that I’m not perfect either. I’m no more special to God than you are: That’s proof that He talks to you just as He talks to me. Yet, during this particular “episode”, I allowed myself to fall into a dark space. I say I allowed it because I should’ve immediately fallen on my face when I felt alone. But, I didn’t so I contributed to my state of feeling alone.

Note: This is a reminder of what NOT to do and what happens when you DON’T pray. Prayer is filling and without it, you’ll be running on empty.

Nonetheless, when I tuned into that scope with the man of God declaring my positive affirmations, I was fully persuaded it was the Holy Spirit who advised me to tune into Periscope and God used the apostle that morning! Prior to that scope, it’s as if I was dry, but then someone poured an ocean of anointing deliverance, joy, and peace upon me! Even the best of us can have the worst of moments; but, during spiritual (emotional, mental, physical) battles, you have to fight! If you don’t rise and fight to win, you will fall and lose! Remember, when the Devil attacks, “This means war!”

Note: Just because something isn’t easy, doesn’t mean it isn’t possible.

Talk to God: He talks back!

This article is from my book, 70 Ways To Hear God, which can be purchased at any retailer.

I pray this blessed you.

Wishing you lots of love,


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