The Old is an Opportunity for New

17 May

Someone I know was told exclusively by both her mom and dad that there’s a chance the man she’s known to be her dad may not be.

Many people have received this type of news and became devastated by it. However, this case is unique. Why? The man my friend has known to be her dad hasn’t been the best father. He was absent most of her life and he became a substance abuser.

Although the whereabouts of the other possible father are unknown and it seems impossible to find him, my friend has chosen to receive a clean slate. What do I mean?

Well, she felt that she was being held in bondage by many of the family curses that surround her supposed dad. She’s said now that she doesn’t know anything about the identity of her real dad, she has a moment to reinvent and has a clean slate. She was rejecting family curses of her supposed dad but now it’s even easier now that she feels she has a clean slate. For all she knows, her real dad and his family possess all of the great qualities that she’s been seeking to acquire.

She’s chosen to believe that her real dad is the greatest dad of all time and allow the presence of God to fill in the absence and void of never having the loving, close father-daughter relationship that she used to desire.

You don’t need to experience this scenario to disassociate with family curses, have a clean slate, and reinvent yourself.

Fulfilling Philippians 3:13 - forgetting those things which are behind… isn’t always easy, but it’s always possible. Simply forgetting and deleting things isn’t always an effective method of handling difficult situations. You’re more likely than not to overcome issues of your past when you replace the old with something new.

Think about it: Just ignoring painful thoughts doesn’t negate pain. Those thoughts must be replaced with thoughts that evoke joy and peace. This is one method that can aide emotional healing.

Many people have old things that continue to torment them for years and years. If that person is you, ask God to help you renew your soul and spirit so you can find something new amidst the old.

Wishing you lots of love,


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