Tap in to Live and Love Life

31 May

There are many avenues that we can take to make it to destination, "live and love life". Ultimately, God gives us the power to live and love life. The Bible says that He will lead and guide us and this is extremely true. All we have to do is trust and obey Him. God truthfully speaks to you through your spirit. 

I love God because He loves me and He loves me enough to tell me things that He could just keep to Himself. I love being prophetic because God tells me things that no man has to open his mouth to expose. I know things without any human ever having to forewarn or tell me.

God speaks to all of us in a variety of ways. Fundamentally, He will speak directly to your spirit. Meditation, numbers, dreams, and actions of others are amongst a list of avenues that He uses with me. If you become extremely intimate and close to God, you will hear Him clearly. There will be no confusion about what you perceive. 

Interestingly enough, God has been exposing things to me via my spirit and mind. He has been informing me of the good, as well as, forewarning me of the bad that is going to TRY to attack.

There's a plethora of things occurring in my life that do not surprise me at all. In fact, I’m already aware of some things that are impossible for me to know, according to the carnal realm. However, I have the power that God has given me and the angels surround those who fear God. In addition, those who trust God are blessed. I’m not a Bible scholar, but many of you know that I just quoted a few scriptures and I wholeheartedly believe them. Why? I believe them because every written word in the Bible has merit and rings truth, even if there are some things that are omitted from the Bible.

All you have to do is incorporate logic and the Holy Spirit to help you interpret and understand the Bible, despite some information missing and it not always being clear or easy to understand. Nevertheless, you can still embark on your journey of being awake and conscious to truth

Pay attention to what God tells you! He speaks! So, open your mind, body, soul, and spirit to Him and let The Spirit lead and guide you. You will see that "tapping in" is the most amazing thing that you'll ever experience. It truly is magical! Trust me: you will not be able to explain it other than saying... it's God!



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