Standing Still is Moving

15 Nov

I’d written an Instagram post about seeking God first with questions and entering rest while waiting for Him to answer. That day (Day 1), I coincidentally received an email with Psalm 27:14 – “Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.” The Instagram post was written without reading this message. 

The next day (Day 2), I received an email (from a different source than the email on the prior day) stating Exodus 14:13, 14 – “Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today…the Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” Two emails and my Instagram post, all about resting and waiting for the Lord? At first, I paused and honestly thought of it as perhaps being a coincidence.

I stepped outside (on Day 2) just to put my thoughts on pause, breathe in fresh air, and observe nature. There was a subtle breeze; however, the temperature was perfect. The small tree limbs and leaves waved at me as they swayed back and forth. Then, suddenly, everything just halted. I thought it very strange how one minute everything seemed to be moving peacefully and in harmony. But, the next minute, everything froze. 

I looked around to ensure I wasn’t going insane; I realized I was the only thing moving. Then I received a prophetic word: “Just as everything is standing still. This is how it’s going to be for you. Everything is going to seem still, but you’re still going to be moving.”

The Revelation: Even when I’m intentionally taking a moment to pause, it’ll seem that things are still but my being still is actually going to be movement.

At the time of receiving this revelation, I still didn’t connect the dots regarding how God kept sending me these messages with the same punch line. 

Day 3, I was watching Joel Osteen when he said to seek God, not others, and ask when unsure or not feeling peace. He proceeded to talk about asking God for wisdom and waiting for Him to answer. This was exactly what I explained in the Instagram post (on Day 1). I also expressed that we should meet with and ask God before meeting with and asking other people, just as Joel said. The post I’d written started out as me attempting to encourage others, but I realized that God was obviously not just speaking through but also to me. He used me to encourage myself and I didn’t even know it!

Even after all of that, I later stepped outside again (on Day 3) to breathe in nature and the experience of all of the above instances hit me! Three days!!! It took three days for me to put the pieces together! I’d previously perceived these instances as individual, autonomous occurrences. Yet, each individual segment (for the prior three days) fitted together and painted a picture that made sense. (Note: It’s not just a Bible scripture: All things really do work together for good for us!)

Do you see how everything came together? I was able to recognize how pieces fitted together:

* When I turned the television off and talked to God

* When I decided to sit still in peace and quiet

* When I deliberately waited to hear God speak

The beautiful thing is how God kept affirming and confirming His revelation to me. It’s as if He knocked and kept knocking until I opened my mind and spirit to the notice He was giving me. This is proof that there are times that when God wants you to get something, He’ll keep coming after you until you receive it (Assuming your heart and spirit are open to Him). 

When people say God isn’t a God of confusion, they are correct! He will send confirmation! So, if you don’t get confirmation or if you get no answer at all, maybe, it’s not God or you just need to be still and wait for an answer. Notice, I said “an answer.” Make sure you’re not open to just the answer that you want. Because if that’s all you listen and look out for, you might miss the actual message that God sends.

Note 1: Sometimes, God is speaking through AND to you!

Note 2: Sometimes, being still is movement!

Talk to God: He talks back!

This article is from my book, 70 Ways To Hear God, which can be purchased at any retailer.

I pray this blessed you.

Wishing you lots of love,


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