Sister’s Sister

04 Oct

I’d been thinking about my deceased sister, lately. I’d typically think about her and become angry about her leaving every time I experienced a new back stabbing situation. It’s as if I longed for a sisterhood like the one I once had with her. When my so-called sisterhood with a so-called friend would go wrong, I would become angry because it was as if I’d lost a sister, again. Yet, at this particular time, it was just a random moment that she’d been on my mind.

I actually had an associate who reminded me of her. The associate and I were talking on the phone one day when she said my sister’s name, unknowingly. Most people who know I have a deceased sister don’t even know her name. Besides, she had an odd name. Maybe, I’ve heard one other person with her name, if that. So, it completely threw me for a loop when my associate blurted out her name. Although she was ranting and raving about who she wasn’t to her then boyfriend, she named about three women’s names and ironically, she stated my sister’s name. I asked her to repeat herself and the names she said because surely I was just going insane and yearning for my sister’s company just that badly. But, as my associate repeated herself, it was revealed that this particular time, I actually wasn’t crazy or hallucinating. She said my sister’s name!

That was simply a message, not from a genie in a bottle, but from a God in heaven. Again, you might be thinking coincidence, but how much more evidence do you need that nothing is happenstance? God was letting me know that just as my sister was on my mind, clearly, I was on His. God has many ways of comforting us and He will speak ― you only need to listen.

Talk to God: He talks back!

This article is from my book, 70 Ways To Hear God, which can be purchased at any retailer.

I pray this blessed you.

Wishing you lots of love,


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