Run Forest Run

15 Mar

I love to run: running is great exercise. I run to keep my body fit, but also to clear my mind. I do all I can to maintain good health. 

What about you? What do you do to maintain good health? Is running part of your regimen? 

Probably not. It's not for everybody and that's completely understandable. Nevertheless, you might not like running physically, but there are some things you may need to run from when they're unhealthy to your mental, emotional, and/or spiritual well-being.

There are, of course, things that can still MAKE you run physically, even if you THOUGHT you didn’t want to run. For instance, I’m sure that if you saw a ghost (and that’s not part of your calling), you would definitely literally RUN! Right? So when ghosts come after you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, why aren’t you running then?

The ghosts are chasing you and you’re in chill mode and letting them haunt you. Too many people are being bound by ghosts. Ghosts of the past. The ironic part is that WE tend to recruit the ghosts that haunt us. We get a shovel and head straight to the graveyard, as if we just can’t live without letting past things stay buried and in the past.

We have to get past our past or we can't be present with our future. We must give that stuff to God and take off! HOWEVER, it does no good to take off only to keep running back. Let the past stay in the past!

If you keep reminiscing about the dude or female that cheated on you, you're going to walk around in a constant state of anxiety and expect the next/current partner to do the same. Not good people! Not good at all! Everybody isn't the same and we can't judge the present moment, nor predict the future based on the past. We have to learn to let go and run! 

Run away from the negative self-talk that has been chasing and haunting you because you were told that you would always amount to nothing! Run from the voices that tell you people only deal with you to get something from you. Not everybody you meet will be a needy loser! Run from the repetitive voice that keeps trying to make you feel bad for sleeping with that person and now that’s your “baby daddy” or “baby mama”. Run from the replay in your mind that keeps replaying the incident when he/she slapped and choked you. Everybody isn’t violent! Run from the pessimistic voices that tell you that all men/women play games and/or cheat. 

God DOES create loyal, faithful people!

The list goes on and on and on...but why do we need to waste any further time and energy focusing on what we should be escaping from? That's one of the problems. We're spending too much time focusing on what isn't right and what will never go right, instead of focusing on what can and will go right. It's time to start focusing on what God can and will do. It's time to believe Him for greater; however, we need to do more than believe.. we need to KNOW that God can and will move!

It's time to stop being held bound by things that are powerless. Do you know we give power to things that are powerless? Yes, we do...because whatever we put our faith into is likely to manifest, whether good or bad. Our faith can work for us or against us…and then…we wonder why bad things occur...well, because we put our focus on and faith into those things. 

I’ve undergone multiple situations by which I was afraid that the outcome would be negative, painful, or not work in my favor. I invested a lot of time, focus, and energy into that idiom of thought and guess what happened? The things I feared came upon me. Enough said! 

I know some things are destined to go whichever way no matter what, but there are also times when God gives us a choice. All I'm saying is...when He gives me a choice, I'm choosing!

Bottom-line: Let's stop digging up, reviving, and giving life to dead things. Don't keep reliving moments and memories that are dead and gone. Don't keep re-experiencing the emotions affiliated with those dead things. If you've been living according to dead things, then you're probably dead by now too or at least living like it. 

Do what you need to do to face the issues once and for all! Go to counseling. Confront some folks. Have some difficult conversations. Express your thoughts and emotions. Forgive people. Forgive yourself. Definitely seek God! Once you get it out of your system, get that shovel & bury that OLD mess once & for all!

It's time to resurrect your faith, peace, strength, hope, joy, happiness and love within... and live life! Do away with the old. Bring on the new. Remember, many things have no power unless you give it to them. The power is in your mind: your thoughts, your focus...whatever you give attention to, you give it life (even if it's dead). If something dead is chasing you, run Forest run!

Stay blessed!

Yours Truly,


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