Power Within

05 Apr

Do you like getting and giving gifts?

The offering of a gift is always a nice gesture and gifts are definitely amusing to receive. I, personally, don’t know anyone who would truthfully like to go through life and never receive anything [good]. When a gift is offered to you, you don’t have to take it but why not accept it? If someone [with good intentions] offers you something, just take it! Don’t feed your pride, resist the gift, and block your blessings.

We should all be open to receiving, but of course, we need to be giving individuals also. I like to give yet I’ve also learned to receive and when God tells me that I can have something, I can and will gladly take it! With that being said, God has already given us a lot and I gladly express that He has more to give, but do you want it? Are you ready to receive more of what you SHOULD take? If so, keep reading. If not, well…keep reading anyway…perhaps you’ll change your mind because just like God has plenty for me, He has plenty for you and the main thing you need to know and accept is the FACT that…

Amongst many things, God has given ALL of us power. What power?! The power of control. The power of happiness. The power of love. The power of positive thinking. The power of choice...

The power lies within us. All that's required to activate it is faith. Now, let me insert a reality check. Having faith is not always easy, especially when one bad thing after another happens. Nevertheless, none of us gets away unscathed. We all encounter problems and we all need to constantly work on our faith because the devil is real and seeks to kill, steal, and destroy our faith, hope, peace, happiness, and every good thing our Father has for us. 

I’m optimistic but I’m also real so my life is not without problems either... but my life is with God and the power of choice that He gives. We can all choose to believe He is real and fight to believe that He can do anything or we can choose to be weak and defeated. According to flesh, many limitations exist but with Him, all things are possible!

God resides in all of us. Therefore, we all have access to His power. Once you truly see what your faith and tapping into the Spirit can do, it becomes addictive and you're definitely never the same... and even though we have access, it is never our power. God has ALL power but He has given us the power of choice. 

So we choose what we believe and then we will receive whatever we believe.

Believing in the positive isn't always easy, especially when everything you see is pushing against you. This is why it's essential to fight to see with eyes of faith, not your fleshly eyes. The eye you use influences your thinking and perspective. In addition, the way we think will impact the manner we see. How we see will impact how we feel and what we do. All of these things work hand in hand and it's not easy, but fighting the good fight of faith is something we must all do. 

I don't claim that your life will be a life without trials and tribulations. I don't even claim that every fight will be easy. However, I want you to know you have the power of choice. You choose what you believe in. You choose what you focus on. You choose how you think and feel. Whatever you give the most energy and belief to is sure to manifest; so, your faith can work for you or against you. You have the power to choose.

I speak positively by choice, but I’m NOT without challenges. I strive daily to be strong like everyone else. I fight and it's not always easy to win but it's possible if we only DON’T give up. Keep pushing and striving. I’m here for and with you.

REMEMBER: God gives the power of choice, so start choosing!

If you choose, ask, and believe, you can HAVE!

***Just because something isn’t easy, doesn’t mean it isn’t possible!***



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