Perplexed and Astray

14 Jun

When I think of water, I envision me being in the midst of it. I imagine time standing still. In my mind, I am surrounded by serenity/tranquility. Everything is still; yet, all is beautiful. As I am in the midst of water, I can easily be influenced by what I am surrounded by or I can embrace the beauty of my atmosphere and flow in the essence of splendor.

When I envision the sun, there is extreme and utter brightness. The light mere existence of the bright light gives me joy.

The moon signifies a much lesser light than the sun. However, it does not signify darkness. It is simply not as blazing and bright as the sun.

As I look up at the sky, I witness the infinity of various extremities. The sky has a space that does not end. To be in the midst of the sky and the clouds within, it is a truly mesmerizing and extraterrestrial experience. Anytime that I observe the sky as I think, I experience a counterfeit sense of intoxication, as I begin to feel as though I am literally floating in the sky. It is simply a supernatural experience that God grants me and it feels great! I cannot explain it any further than that.  Just as I do when I am in the midst of water, I tend to get lost in nature, my imagination, and God’s miraculous creations.

 I am in awe of the stars. To be amongst the stars, you must be high or at least aim high until you make it there. Either way, if your imagination is focused on aiming high and landing so high that you are amongst the bright shining, you can remain optimistic and self-motivated.

Yours Truly,


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