Peace of Heaven

26 Apr

I opened my eyes to a small figure lying next to me in the form of my son. At that moment, I began to cry because I felt selfish. Not that I would intentionally leave my child if I had a choice in the matter. However, it’s like I didn’t even know or remember that I had a son. Yet, upon awakening, all I could think about was what if my son had awakened to the lifeless body of his mother.

What drove me to those thoughts? Where exactly had I been that would make me not want to return? 

Well, this wasn’t dreamland. This was one of those moments when you just know. Yet, I’m guessing I had a case of sleep apnea that night and had stopped breathing. Sleep apnea is just that: you stop breathing while you’re asleep. During this timeframe, my sleep apnea had actually improved from the perpetual nights of waking up constantly gasping for air.

Whatever the case was, I’d somehow landed in a place that is indescribable, even years later as I’m telling my experience. This place was beautiful. It was beyond peaceful. It was like what the Apostle Paul described in 2 Corinthians 12.  I cannot even utter to describe it. “Peace” does not even begin to explain what this place was like.  It was too magnificent and it was as if I had no remembrance of my issues on Earth. This place seemed to be something like a garden. 

I was so excited, I said: “Yes! I made it! I’m here. I’m home.” Then, there was a white silhouette that appeared. It had no definite shape or form to it. But, it spoke and said, “You’re going back!” I pleaded and said, “No, but I’m already here. I don’t want to go back.” Again, the voice spoke and said, “You’re not ready. You’re going back.” I said no again, but then that’s when my eyes opened to me looking at my son, sound asleep next to me.

Based on how I felt and the level of “knowing” I had upon awakening, I KNOW exactly where I went. It was truly a place of peace. I’ve experienced peace on Earth, but it comes nowhere near to even a piece of Heaven’s peace. Heaven is real!

Wishing you lots of love,


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