How To Remain Centered Amidst Turmoil...

29 Mar

There's nothing like a peace of mind and being in a relaxed state. Of course everyone has their own way of traveling to arrive at such a destination. Yet I actually have a list of things such as meditation, yoga, and sewing (just to mention a few). Activities such as hiking, running, and dancing give me a great workout; however, they definitely help me to relax afterwards.

To me, it is just as important for me to take care of my mind and spirit as I do my physical state. Therefore, there are numerous things that I quote and remind myself of on a daily basis. One of the primary things I do is remind myself that God is always with me. Realizing and believing such truth has helped me to combat many issues, such as anxiety and OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder).

One thing I KNOW is that if you stick with God (as He is always with you), you will truly learn to trust and exist. By learning to trust Him, I've given up the desire to control, know, or be everything. Trust me: it's extremely liberating when you trust God and CHOOSE to believe that everything is just as it should be.

Be whoever and whatever you are naturally (no trying, no forcing ANYTHING). Release any desires to control and/or be prepared for EVERYTHING. That's inevitable and a setup for disappointment. We can't control everything: the only thing we can always control is our mind and our thoughts. …And your thoughts, of course, influence your actions (MOVEMENT).

I've discovered that I'm at more peace nowadays since I just "be". As I allow myself to just be me (the only thing I can be anyway), the results of that decision influence what I "do". I naturally (and intentionally) do whatever gives me peace.

The best decision a person can make is to change. Change anything that you have control over (YOUR mentality, YOUR actions, YOUR health, YOUR perspective, YOUR mood, YOUR spirit, etc.. Basically anything that is YOURS and isn't making you happy and bringing you peace).

Reach the point where you truly know who you are SPIRITUALLY and "be" that. Be the spirit that you are and continue to make necessary changes throughout to maintain love, peace, and happiness within yourself.

I pray infinite blessings upon you.



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