Hold On & Let Go

16 Feb

If I told you there’s a small ball of fire inside of your home that's going to expand out of control and burn your house down, what would you do? Would you keep it lit or would you extinguish it before the fire spreads?

Surely, you wouldn’t risk losing all you’ve striven to build. You wouldn’t be willing to let it destroy your home. Right?

The same principle applies when considering things we may be harboring within ourselves. It’s not good and healthy to hold on to things that destroy us. When we have those type of things IN us, they have to come OUT! ...Even if you feel like it’s okay to hold on because you think there's a possibility that you can change something. 

Everything isn’t meant for us to change, control, or force. When you let go of trying to force things to fit, that's when they'll fall into place. The best way to release the need to change, control, or force something is to trust the power within, which is GOD. You must CHOOSE to trust that everything is as it should be. You must free yourself from always needing things to work out as you want them to. Moreover, freedom is found not in holding on or controlling, but letting go. So, take your hands OFF, so GOD can put His hands ON whatever you need Him to touch. Instead of trying to control people or things you have no control over, control things you have the power to control: Control your mind. Control your thoughts.

Realize YOU have control over YOUR thoughts. Therefore, you have control over your choices and your life. Stop giving that responsibility and power to other people! Moreover, there’s no room to blame others for a messed up life because at some point, you encountered the power to change your life around

So if you’re still holding on to what somebody did to you, it’s not their fault that you’re in emotional or mental turmoil. It’s your fault because you’ve given them power over your thoughts, emotions, choices, and life. If their mission was to keep you down, you’re on their team if you’re allowing yourself to stay down.

Release people and more importantly, release yourself. Do what you have to do to release and move forward and allow people the freedom to be whom and what they are. You have to decide if you want bitter or better. If you want better, build yourself up mentally and spiritually, which will influence your emotional and physical life. Practice taking care of yourself optimally and keeping yourself strong; so, when the dragon comes along huffing and puffing, he can’t blow your house down!

You can’t wait for things to get better to feel better, you have to feel better for things to get better! Stay positive and keep fighting. You can win!

If you trust and hold onto God, then you'll be free!

I pray this blesses you. Don't be afraid to let me know it did.

Sincerely Yours,


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