Heal to Grow and Grow to Heal

08 Mar

"Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom." Viktor E. Frankl

Growth is part of healing, but healing is part of growth. The grow - heal - grow process is one that goes through and through, meaning growth and healing work in tandem. 

Furthermore, what I mean by grow to heal is you have to educate yourself. You must obtain knowledge and change the way you view and internalize things. Once you obtain...

  1. adequate knowledge,
  2. an update to your thought process,
  3. an improved perspective... 

you’ll begin to look at things differently and perhaps in a more positive manner. As a result, your faith increases, especially when you discover and hear about the miracles of God... which is part of educating yourself. Once you accomplish such a level and have the faith you need, you also have other intrinsic characteristics for you to heal. 

Your body and life follow your thoughts and impact your emotions ...and that’s when the segment of healing kicks in. So at that point, you’ve gone from growing to healing.

Once you’ve done the work to heal from past issues that (so-to-speak) "had you messed up in your mind and emotions", you are more liberated and equipped to grow even further. Because of the previous portion of the process, you now have more faith, strength, hope, optimism, etc. to take steps you wouldn’t and couldn’t before because you were so beat down and condemned by pain and afflictions that held you captive. 

With this newfound strength and energy, you are apt to go places you hadn’t gone, do things you hadn’t done, and meet people you would’ve otherwise never met. New experiences, places, people, and things equate to new knowledge. New knowledge is mostly what it takes to grow: you just have to ensure you “apply” that new knowledge and henceforth, you’re further engulfed into more growth.

So at that point, you’ve gone through the grow - heal - grow process... and as you navigate throughout life, you can continue to get better and stronger! xoxo

I hope and pray this has blessed you. Don't be afraid to let me know it did. :)



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