Dreaming Awake

27 Sep

I’d been experiencing something very weird. It seemed that I was awake, but also asleep. More so, I was dreaming, but was somehow still aware of my awake presence. Have you ever been dreaming, knew you were dreaming, and tried to wake yourself up, but couldn’t?

During this particularly weird experience, God was showing me visions of me praying for, over, and with people. He was telling me that He wanted me to start doing such. I told Him that I’d been struggling too much lately, and it seemed like some of my prayers were unanswered. I didn’t want to be praying over people for nothing and giving false hope. So, I asked Him how I knew my prayers were going to work; He told me to just believe and pray.

My phone chimed and this was not in the dream. It chimed for real. At that point, I was able to wake up. I leaned over to grab my phone and had a message from my mother greeting me with a good morning text. In her text, she stated that there’s power in the tongue, that I should speak in the name of Jesus and I’ll receive. It also stated to remember that no weapon formed against me can prosper

How did she know I needed to be reminded that there’s power in the words I speak? How did she know I needed a reminder that no weapon formed against me could stop me and the power within? Why did she send that text? We didn’t have any conversations that would have motivated her to send that message. 

Still don’t know? 

Well, I’ll spell it out for you: G – O – D. Her text confirmed what God had just said to me in my so-called dream. It was God sending confirmation that my conversation with Him wasn’t merely a dream.

Talk to God: He talks back!

This article is from my book, 70 Ways To Hear God, which can be purchased at any retailer.

I pray this blessed you.

Wishing you lots of love,


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