Don’t Complicate a Simple Change

24 May

Don't make "change" complicated: Just do it!

Nothing remains the same but "change", which is ideal for me because I'm never complacent anyway. When you become satisfied, you settle and become stagnant and stagnation merely halts growth.

If everything was to stop changing, everything would stop growing. Then, what would life be like? 

Think about how a halt in time and movement is reflected in a movie. Everything stops! The people pause. The wind freezes. The clock halts. The dogs stop barking: ALL noises cease, etc... 

To me, that is comparable to a life without change and growth. Without growth, life cycles would terminate and everything would essentially just be waiting to die as ALL life cycles end much sooner than they need/have to. That's one finish line we don't need to TRY to reach any quicker than we have to. Of course, every life cycle comes to an end, but we should be enjoying our carnal existence until our carnal time on Earth naturally ceases. 

Life isn't perfect for ANYONE; however, there ARE joyous, winning moments on this side, as long as you play your cards right!

Seriously though...Why become stagnant when everything can always be better?! I know sometimes situations can seem hopeless, but we have to keep pushing. Eventually, the rain stops and the sun shines again. 

It is vital that we hold on to our faith and hope and always "keep it moving" because as you live, you love and when you love, you live. If you haven’t reached that place yet, God can get you there! If you stick with Him (as He is always with you), you will learn to trust and exist

Exist and live. 

A life without change doesn't have much life! Continue to change and upgrade your spirit, mind, and body. You'll know you can stop changing when you reach the ultimate level of elevation and you'll know you're at that level when your spirit separates from your body. Until then...keep changing and just live...Live your life...Love your life!

Wishing you lots of love,


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