Changing Seasons: Free "It" so "It" can Free You

22 Mar

Seasons know exactly when to change and we should too. However, we’re human, so we’re perfectly imperfect and that’s perfectly fine. Nevertheless, we should always be open to change, especially if change means improvement.

Many times, change must occur internally in order for change to occur in the external environment. In other words, if you want change on the outside, there’s something that needs to change on the inside of you, especially when healing needs to take place. However, change requires action.

When something unhealthy is burning inside, you have to extinguish it or get it out. Why continue to internally harbor something that causes discomfort, pain, or any other unhealthy feeling? In actuality, you should let things out before they get to the point of pain, discomfort, anger, etc. In addition, there are many moments when people tend to harbor things internally and think things that aren’t even true, which is one of the reasons we end up fearing things. We think about things repeatedly and hype them up in our head! Many times, the things we fear aren’t going to ever occur.

There are times when you might feel or think a person is thinking or feeling a certain way. However, you are not always right. It doesn’t matter how deeply you feel whatever emotion you feel because those are just emotions and emotions aren’t necessarily true. On the contrary, it’s an entirely different situation when information is revealed in your spirit. Nevertheless when people feel a certain way deeply, we tend to do research, investigate, think, rationalize and go over details and situations in our mind repeatedly…and we are still wrong about our conclusion!

The only way to know something with certainty, outside of God revealing it in your spirit, is to discuss and not let emotions and thoughts run wild. Learn to open up more and have discussions with people about what you think and feel, even if you feel and think the other person doesn’t care. You could be wrong. What if the other person does care about what you think and feel? If you don’t communicate your concerns, you’ve cheated that person out of a chance to explain their self, but even worse… you’ve also cheated yourself out of the opportunity to discover the truth, especially if the truth is that the other person does care. Communication gives the opportunity to shut down unhealthy thoughts and feelings.

There have been times when I chose to shut down and keep thoughts and feelings to myself. Nevertheless, what I felt didn’t go away and when I finally confronted the person and had the much needed conversation, it turned out that I was VERY wrong! It wasn’t worth going on and on for an extended period of time without communicating my concerns. Doing such a thing only facilitates the development of unhealthy thoughts and feelings and possibly resentment. All for what? It’s for nothing when you could’ve discovered truth and avoided unnecessary discomfort, confusion, etc.

Disclaimer: This does not apply to communication and situations with manipulative people, cheating mates, narcissistic folks, etc.

Use spiritual discernment to realize who is worth opening up to, addressing concerns, and having a straight forward conversation with. It’s vital to address what bothers you because unhealthy thoughts and feelings are like a bad seed. Seeds determine harvest that is to reap and if you keep a bad seed inside, no good thing can manifest from it. Kill bad seeds before anything bad festers.

If something inside is screaming for release, let it out... Free "it" so "it" can free you!

I pray this has blessed you. Don't be afraid to let me know it did.

Sincerely yours,


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