23 Sep

Can you tell everything to anyone?

You can tell anything to everyone

Or everything to everyone

Or everything to no one

But can you tell anything to any ONE?       

Some things can be told to anyone

But everything isn't for everyone...

Some things are for some ONE

It's good to have someone in your life that you can trust. However, a lot of people trust others more than they trust themselves and what they possess inside. And if the power of God is within, then what does that say about the level of trust in God?

It's past time for people to start trusting themselves!

When trust in self and God is built up, a person is likely to esteem their self higher and thus, make better decisions. Decisions we make impact our actions and our actions determine how we live our lives. 

What's currently going on around you is indicative of what's going on in you. I know lots of people would like to rebut what I'm saying and instead propose that the reverse is true. There are folks who would argue me down to say that what's going on around you determines what's going on in you. (That's true only to a certain extent.)

That is actually more true for a little child than it is for an adult or at least that's how it should be. Unfortunately, there ARE lots of adults who blame their external environment for how they are inside. We've all been damaged and broken by life growing up and even throughout adulthood but how long can you remain a VICTIM and blame your current lifestyle on the parents who didn't do this/that or the environment you grew up in or what he/she did/didn't do?

That's just being a victim! 

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After a certain age, a person should strive to push beyond limitations and misfortunes. If your past is still holding you down, it's because you've chosen to let it. One of the best ways to move forward is to find the good in the bad and create a future that makes you laugh at anything that tried to destroy you.

And if you're still mad at yourself about past decisions/mistakes, it's time to get over it and forgive yourself. You have to let what you did/didn't do go. Otherwise, it's a ball and chain that's holding you down. And you won't truly trust yourself to make good decisions until you forgive yourself.

Life isn't a cake walk for anybody, despite the facade society or some folks paint. So you must learn to trust and let go. You will never be able to control, manipulate, or have EVERYTHING your way. What didn't work just didn't work. Whatever is lost is gone. Yep, life can be harsh but guess what? Life is happening to everybody so you might as well find a way to enjoy it. Besides, anything lost can be replaced with better. There's light even in dark places.

Click here to listen to inspiration on letting go.

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