Change My Life (3 mo.)

Change My Life (3 mo.)

What's stopping you from living a happy, fulfilling life? Do you know why your life is staying the same and not progressing? 

Let's work together to remove the blockages to abundance so you can experience peace, joy, love, and freedom! Being without is an indication to go within.

As we work together, we will address:

  • Relationship dynamics: includes identifying and eliminating toxic relationships, establishing boundaries, rebuilding, and more…
  • Self-health: self-identity, purpose, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-awareness, self-love
  • How to remove blockages to abundance
  • And any other applicable hindrances


  • Establish healthy relational connections
  • Improve self-health
  • Open to divine infinite blessings and experience them

This package includes:

  • Coaching: 1 hour, weekly telephone sessions for 3 months
  • 3 Books, 1 Journal:
    • 70 Ways To Hear God (Excerpts & Study Guide)
    • Find Your Purpose: 7-Step Challenge
      • Journal
    • Winning: 30 Days of Motivational Poetry
  • 15 Audio Files
  • 3 PDF Files

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